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It’s November 27 and it is Thanksgiving again. It’s all too common for Thanksgiving to come around every year without us even taking a couple seconds to think about what we are thankful about. Isn’t that the whole point of this holiday? Isn’t that what the pilgims did when the established themselves here?


This year I have learned a lot, whether it be through classes at GMU, through talks i’ve heard at church, or just from people in my life. I am incredibly thankful for that. I am thankful that people go out of their way to invest in me. I am thankful I am receiving a good education and able to afford it. My family and I are in good health, this I am thankful for. I live with 3 great guys and i’m thankful. Got my car fixed, thankful. I’m being given amazing opportunities when it comes to my photography and design. I’m meeting new people. I’m so blessed, and I am thankful for that.

I am thankful for all that God is doing in my life and how he is transforming me into someone that reflects him. Everyday He teaches me something new. He is constantly building my character. I am learning a lot about patience and what that looks like biblically.

I think it is important for us to recognize this holiday and not let it pass by like every other holiday that we take for granted. Let us focus on the important issues rather than the materialistic aspects that are always on the forefront.


Brand identity.

I am taking a class on Corporate Branding right now and our current project is on branding ourselves for future clients. Me being a big fan of in-your-face blocky typefaces like Myriad Pro I came up with the beginnings of a logo and suite. I am not sure if i am satisfied with it yet and am still working on it but I am looking for some input here.

From personal experience, what are the most important aspects to take into consideration when it comes to developing an identity for yourself? What rings best with clients and what doesn’t? How often should you re-brand yourself to stay current and ahead of the game?

Here is my first rough attempt at branding myself. PLEASE criticize and give me advice from your experience. What is good and what is bad about my design? Thanks for any Input.

Business Suite


A website, Just Creative Design, is having a crazy big giveaway this month. As a huge charity writing event, Jacob Cass is giving away $11,000 in the form of 69 different prizes. Check it out!!

What is graphic design? Is it posters, is it advertisements, is it abstract art, what is it? I get this question all too often. I have have always had a hard time even responding to this question because in actuality graphic design is so broad that all of that could be true. I usually end up just answering with what i personally do with design. As a graphic designer in college i didn’t even really know what i was getting into when i decided to change my major from animation to it, but i could not be happier now in my choice.

Graphic design is best described visually. As a new blogger i have found many great examples of design in other’s blogs and websites. Some great sites that i usually goto to get inspiration or just marvel at the beautiful art are:

Dirty Mouse

Jeff Fisher Logomotives

Logo Design Love

Naldz Graphics

These are just a few of the sites i visit regularly. My main focus at this moment is in package design. Everyday wherever you go you run into some sort of package design. Every food product on the shelf, every electronic device, even small things like bubble gum and mints all have package design. This is incredibly interesting to me for a few reasons. One thing is that there is so much research and designing done for even the smallest most mundane things and so much effort and work is put into every little aspect of the package right down to the color and size. All this work is done basically to influence the unconscious of the consumer. People are naturally attracted to the more aesthetically pleasing options. I have found myself picking one product over another just because the outside looks better. Another reason is that it allows you to take your art into the three-dimensional. Now you not only have one thing to design but rather have to design all aspects of your package, inside and out. This adds a whole new aspect to the design that i just love!

The Dieline is one of the best resources to goto for package design. There are some incredible creative packaging that would make even the most artistically challenged person drool.

Above is a new men’s shaving gel that has a light inside the product to create the blue light effect on the shelf. Tell me that does not grab your attention and make you want to buy it!

This one i think can speak for itself!

Outside of package design there is still a whole other world of design. Some of my favorite designers are the guys of the band DemonHunter. These guys are not only a talented metal band, they are, in my mind, an even better group of designers. There site can be found Here. They have done hundreds of designs for other big bands and events. They were even nominated for a Grammy!!!

But basically what i am saying is that our society is completely run by graphic design. Without it there would be no advertisements, cd labels, magazines, posters, or brochures. If you are still confused as to what graphic design is, i found a definition that might help.

Graphic design is the process and art of combining text and graphics and communicating an effective message in the design of logos, graphics, brochures, newsletters, posters, signs, and any other type of visual communication.