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Ok, so i was bored today and spent most of it looking through design blogs…i need a life. BUT i did come across a pretty interesting yet very entertaining music video. What this guy is capable of on crutches is ridiculous. Check it out


So….I just got this video from someone on Twitter. Quite rediculous! Are video resumes a good or bad idea??

Road trips are always fun and when else besides college do you really have an opportunity to just up and leave for another state? This has been my philosophy for the last couple years at Mason. This months trip was to Baltimore, MD. A friend of mine said they had some really good pizza, and that’s all it took for us to go! What we did not know was how the night was going to end. It started great, we arrived at the harbor and met everyone (15 people). Walked around, hung out, snuck into places we probably shouldn’t, you know, just having fun. We did this for a while and then randomly we say a couple fighting in the distance. Being curious college students we walked towards it only to be disappointed because as we walked up, the police came and broke them up….boo! So we kept walking and rounded the corner, and that is when everything hit the fan. In the streets in front of us were close to 200 drunk, angry, scary people wandering the streets. There were fights left and right. One of us saw a couple guys trying to break into a car. We immediately did a 180 and headed away from the chaos, atleast until we realized some of us were parked in the garage amidst everything! Great!! So we walked back very anxiously and nervously. By this time the cops had arrived and started arresting people and breaking up fights. Things just got worse when the person who payed for us to get into the garage wasn’t with us and we had to use his card to get out. We sat and just waited and watched everything around us until he arrived and we were able to get out alive…Just another road trip haha


So a couple days ago I took the arts ministry of Campus Crusade For Christ to DC for some fellowship. There were a total of seven of us, which at first didn’t seem like a lot but in hindsight was the perfect number. While there, being the photographer I am, i brought my camera to take pictures. I just bought my new Canon 40D and I have been trying to take advantage of every opportunity to use it. This time in DC i took a different approach to taking the pictures. I normally like to have everything composed well and organized before I shoot but i decided against that in exchange for candid, off-the-cuff shots. A lot of them were not framed well and were more abstract, which I actually ended up liking. I think I came away with a few good ones and may try this style of shooting again….and by ‘may’ I mean definately.

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