I had the honor of shooting engagement photos for some good friends of mine the other day. Alex & Dan are such a fun couple to shoot and I cannot wait for their wedding! Above are just a few photos from the photo session!

For my roomate’s directing class she was required to pick and direct a single act play of their choice. The 4 directors did an incredible job and the whole thing was amazing.

Today i sent some of my photographs away to be put up in a gallery called “Focusing on Faces” in Midlothian, VA at Winfree Memorial Baptist church. “Focusing on Faces” is an exhibition displaying over 200 photos from photographers around the country. The photos highlight all the emotion that is captured on the faces, and all money raised will be donated to Haiti relief. I will have 10 of my favorite photos from my travels to South Africa, Central America, and “Help Portrait” on display. I hope you enjoy! The emotions and faces tell amazing stories.

For more information about the cause check out this article.



The show was a success and over $6500 was raised for Haiti!